Our Story


We are the Storytellers! We love narrating stories that touch your soul, stories that makes you smile, moves you to tears and provokes you to think. Our idea of filmmaking originates from the thought of conveying genuine emotions with the power of meaningful visual narrative. We aspire to break the barriers of storytelling and create new experiences for our audience through subtle nuances of performances and seamless use of technology. Our focus is on engaging the audience by staying close to their spectrum of reality with tales that have high relatability. Probably that’s why we choose to narrate stories with a heart!

We started off as a group of film enthusiasts in 2011 and soon discovered filmmaking as our destiny. We ventured into the entertainment business through independent film production with documentaries, music videos and short films. Our films have been screened at numerous film festivals across the country and we have won several awards at major international filmmaking competitions. Love for filmmaking remains the heart and core of First Print Studios and that brings together the best of artists and technicians in the Industry.

Beyond films, today we are a complete Media Production House that enables Government Agencies, NGOs and Corporates to effectively communicate their messages to the stakeholders by leveraging the power of storytelling. As Storytellers, we seek to find those compelling stories from your organization that will inspire your audience towards the cause your organization or business stands for. Our creative team works closely with industry’s best Marketing Professionals bringing to you the best of both worlds to position your product or service for a competitive market. We ensure that we package our creative solutions along with a lot of passion, hard work, commitment and of course, fun!

The crew

  • Rahul Riji Nair
    Storyteller-in-Chief (a.k.a CEO)
    He is an award-winning Filmmaker and Writer, who has made Documentaries, Short Films and Music Videos that won several accolades in international filmmaking competitions and film festivals across the country. Rahul’s critically acclaimed documentary was widely screened across India, Europe and USA. He also has 8 years of professional Marketing experience with multiple companies in lead roles across various domains and services. His area of expertise includes Global Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy etc. Rahul has been an invited speaker in several national and international forums and wrote articles as a columnist with multiple publishers.
  • Sujith Warrier
    Producer-in-Chief (a.k.a COO)
    He heads the Operation and Production functions at First Print Studios. Leveraging his years of corporate experience in Customer Management, Sujith ensures streamlined execution and delivery of our projects within optimal budgets. His entrepreneurial instincts make him an avid risk taker and problem solver who ensures that customer satisfaction remains the core centrality of our business. Needless to say that he brings in a lot of sense and sanity among a crazy bunch of filmmakers and artists!

Major Awards